Every project is unique and IRUNDIN takes a comprehensive approach; we design, develop, manufacture and assemble every machine or bottling line because with the exception of a few general specifications, each project has its own specific features. In addition to production demands there are other qualitative aspects, such as the customer’s way of working, which we also consider.

Bespoke solutions with maximum performance

We have more than 500 developed engineering projects to our name. All of these projects were done by applying our methodology and our long track record in bottling machines. This allows us to address any type of machine from standalone bottling machines to complete lines with advanced solutions.

IRUNDIN offers several formats and their corresponding configurations according to the specific needs of the project. The standalone line includes the Rinser/Blower, Filler, Corker and Capper. Similarly, we have compact groups with versions such as Mono-bloc, Syncronbloc, Tribloc, Quadbloc, and bottling lines.


IRUNDIN does not develop two machines that are the same.
Every project seeks to optimise the production of every customer
and to adapt to their performance and way of working


There are other aspects in addition to this that we have refined with our experience and skills acquired over so many projects delivered. Our machines can process glass or PET bottles, and others, of different sizes and formats. This enables us to provide a solution to companies in many industries, such as wine, spirits, juice, water, oil, vinegar and pharmaceutical products.

All of these design and configuration options allow each machine to adapt to the needs of each project. IRUNDIN always approaches each project in a way that allows us to optimise production, becoming more efficient every day.

We cover a wide performance range with machines and lines that offer filling options ranging from 1,500 to 50,000 bottles per hour. Within this range, we specialise more in the medium-high production segment, which ranges from 3,000 to 20,000 bottles per hour.


Main features of our developments

All engineering developments at IRUNDIN offer the following features:

  • There are different filling systems; pure gravity, for cider and txakoli wine, for example, which have their own natural carbon dioxide so any possible loss is avoided. Another is low vacuum, which streamlines bottling.
  • Exclusive patented filling nozzle models that improve the efficiency of the process.
  • The frame and chassis are made of high grade AISI 304 stainless steel. It enables robust construction, which assures minimum maintenance and high reliability.
  • The holding tank, tubing and filling nozzles are made of top grade steel: AISI 316 stainless steel, which is more resistant to corrosion from filling products and in particular, to chemical cleaning products.
  • The lubrication system is implemented through stainless steel tubing and is centralised in the general panel and can be optimised through a centralised lubrication pump with scheduled automatic lubrication. In addition, all moving parts are made from self-lubricating material.
  • Automation and flexible engineering enable quick changes of format. It also has filling nozzles that are easy to remove.


Key features of our bottling machines

Our bottling machines include systems to ensure high performance. These include:

Express Drainage
The 100% automatic valve system, which is especially designed for the oenological sector, quickly fully drains the holding tank and nozzles, optimising the other processes.

Record Rinsing
An adapted installation enables extremely fast rinsing of the holding tank and tubing using the minimum amount of product.

Automatic sterilisation without disassembly
We ensure automatic cleaning and sterilisation without needing to disassemble components like star wheels, guides, etc. It has custom programs on the control panel: with the flow, counter flow, alternating, etc.

Automatic fill leveller
From the control panel you can select the level variation to the millimetre, in 40 to 90 millimetre standard, whilst the machine is operating and specify the height level on the digital panel.


Bottling machines by segment

We develop bottling machines for all contents: