Wine production is without a doubt one of the fastest growing industries in recent years and, therefore, requires bottling machines that adapt to its needs. It is such a special type of business, in which its professionals put so much care and attention, that it almost classifies as art for the enjoyment of so many people, whether they are amateurs or experts.

Everything in the wine production process is meticulously done; starting, of course, with the selection of the raw material and the corresponding grape harvest. That is the starting point for the production of any wine, which then goes on to pressing the grapes, obtaining the must, and its subsequent ageing. And every step is essential to achieving the product with the desired character.

What is the finishing touch of this laborious task? Exactly. The bottling. And this is where IRUNDIN’s contribution comes in. We have been designing and developing bottling machines that fit the precise needs of every winery for decades. No two wines are the same; no two production processes are the same and no two ways of working are the same. That is why we customise our machines, so that they integrate into each bottle filling system.


No two wines; production processes or ways
of working are the same.
That is why
our bottling machines adjust to each winery


As in other fields, we have innovated by incorporating new technologies into our solutions. All of this results in a better wine bottling, capping and encapsulation to protect the quality of the end product. All of the hard work done over the years culminates at that moment and, of course, the appropriate preservation of the product must be ensured.

IRUNDIN is aware of the value of each bottle. This is demonstrated by over 25 years putting our bottling engineering at the service of the best grape harvests. The most reputable wineries in Spain and France have long trusted in our experience to achieve more efficient wine production.