One of the bottled products that is essential in every kitchen is oil, both for cooking and seasoning dishes. Of the different types that exist, the demand for olive oil has recently experienced a significant increase. And, of course, manufacturers have had to respond to this by seeking the optimum way of meeting the demands of the segment.

IRUNDIN has also worked to adapt and be able to guarantee oil bottling machines that meet the requirements of the companies that make and pack oil. In this way, our bottling machines are robust and reliable solutions that allow us to handle the production volume required by the market and also, to do so with the most state-of-the-art trends.

The technology incorporated in our machines, with the latest advances and innovations, facilitates the bottling process by guaranteeing automation and customisation based on the approach of each company. All this and an intuitive control system that facilitates adaptation of the staff that is going to use them.  

IRUNDIN provides bottling solutions that include various formats, such as all types of glass bottles and also PET packaging. Similarly, our bottling machines adjust to different sizes, according to the preferences of each oil manufacturer. Each machine must fit the customer’s production like a glove.