There are products that require very special bottling, in accordance with the value of the liquid they hold. This applies, for example, to liqueurs and other types of spirits, which require significant customisation of their bottles. In fact, many of them end up becoming collector’s items. This is because they have become a distinguishing feature of many brands.

IRUNDIN's bottling machines adapt to these requirements to satisfy the proposals sent by all types of customers. Every company seeks special characteristics for the product it makes or packs. From those who seek a more state-of-the-art and revolutionary design to others who opt for bottles that evoke more traditional shapes.

It is an industry in which bottles come in a wide variety of shapes, volumes and sizes. And each manufacturer seeks to add a special touch to their product so that it can be launched on the market as unique. The combination of all this means that there is a very varied range of bottles that require very specific bottling machines for making each spirit.


We apply innovative and highly automated
solutions to address the unique features
of the spirits segment


And if the aesthetic part is important for this product, the quality of the materials used to make the bottles is essential. They must assure appropriate preservation of the aroma and prevent the alcohol by volume of the gin, whisky, vodka, rum or corresponding spirit from being reduced. 

The custom projects offered by IRUNDIN comply with all of this, applying innovative solutions favoured by technological development and with a high level of automation. Our bottling lines adapt to all types of bottle and cap formats, including the most specific shapes, to meet the unique features of the liqueur and spirits segment.