Decades of experience and a highly qualified team

We are a team made up of professionals who are highly qualified in everything associated to bottling processes and systems. Through the knowledge acquired over decades and constant integration of technological advances, IRUNDIN has been solving bottling machine needs since 1994.

A consolidated track record (more than 28 years under the IRUNDIN brand and almost half a century in the industry) vouch for us as much more than a bottling machine manufacturer. Our company has a clear commitment to the customer; we have made the reliability of our machines and of our customer service our distinguishing features.


The reliability of the bottling machines and
of the customer service are our distinguishing features.


The staff has grown in line with this evolution and now exceeds 25 people. The team includes various technical profiles from several areas, specialists in sales, professionals focused on customer service, and others. All of this assures the right solution and service required by each project.

IRUNDIN’s facilities are located in the Arretxe-Ugalde industrial estate Irun, Guipuzcoa (Spain). We have an area of 1,000 square metres that we have gradually equipped with all of the machinery required to make it increasingly more comprehensive, such as our own machining section. By doing this, in addition to having a large stock of spare parts, we can produce bespoke designs to streamline technical service, which is one of our strengths.

All of this enables us to adapt and allows us to achieve greater efficiency when addressing the proposals of each customer who requests our services. Proof of this is the numerous bespoke projects that we have implemented for the wine, spirits, water, oil and vinegar industries, and other fields.


We are evolving towards increasingly
more efficient bespoke bottling solutions.


IRUNDIN's extensive experience in bottling processes and systems has aroused interest in our developments from companies in Spain and other countries, particularly in Europe and Latin America. Although we have an extensive and proven international presence, most of the installations designed, developed and assembled are done so in Spain. The quality of these projects has put our bottling machines among the best on the Spanish market.

Each project is a challenge that drives us to continue progressing in search of the best solutions. Continuous improvement is paramount for IRUNDIN, including technical advances, aesthetic improvements and other innovations without losing perspective. We are here to listen and provide real added value to every company that needs our services.


We believe in long-term relationships. That is why to listen to the needs of every customer,
so that we can offer real solutions that provide added value.