The vinegar industry has a wide range of products, each of them with specific bottling features. IRUNDIN designs and develops complete lines for wine vinegars, which is the most popular and traditional, but also for other types of vinegar such as balsamic, fruit, etc.

Finding the best customised solution guides our bottling machine development work for these companies, in the same way as we do for businesses in other segments. Of course, we adapt to the type of vinegar but also to the different formats and packaging materials to achieve bottling machines that optimise production and ensure that they are resistant to the acidity of the product in order to guarantee the durability of the installation.


We adapt to the type of vinegar and to the different
packaging formats and materials to achieve
bottling machines that optimise production


IRUNDIN considers the special requirements that arise when it comes to packaging, with a product that preserves its aroma and flavour without affecting the qualities of the vinegar itself. Thanks to our decades of experience, coupled with recent innovative improvements, we can guarantee the best conditions for this with our machines. 

The development of projects that incorporate state-of-the-art technological systems has helped considerably in this regard. This results in benefits during the bottling processes and also for better maintenance. It is a value that we add to every one of our solutions, whether they are for vinegar manufacturers or companies from other industries.