Nowadays, there is a growing offering of bottled water on the market. They come from very different origins and in the most varied packaging, an increasingly meticulous design aspect of this universal drink. In this context, bottling machines have had to adapt to these new trends, which are getting more and more demanding.

Production of the world’s most consumed beverage also involves a complex process to meet the standards required by different areas of regulation, such as hygiene, safety, contamination, and others. And in this chain, as expected, everything has to be meticulously addressed, down to the finest detail.


We have a varied catalogue of state-of-the-art
bottling machines that efficiently
resolve the processes in this segment


Another increasingly important issue is associated to the packaging that, with so many on offer, has led brands to opt for more attractive and original formats that attract the public’s attention. All of this must be done without overlooking the functional and ergonomic aspect of the packaging. Like other industries, every detail matters.

Our knowledge of the subject has enabled us to evolve towards more modern and precise bottling machines. IRUNDIN's long track record has allowed us to create an extensive catalogue with a variety of state-of-the-art bottling machines that efficiently solve the processes of this increasingly competitive segment.