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Specialists in the core of bottling line operations

We constantly innovate to design the best bottling solution according to our customers´ needs and industry trends.

Since 1994

Our hallmarks are the reliability of our machines and our support service. Irundin´s extensive experience in bottling processes and systems has made us a benchmark in Spain and strengthened our international presence.

The driving force of collaboration

We firmly believe in fostering a collaborative creative environment, where each team member contributes their knowledge and unique perspective. This combination of technical and human skills enables us to exceed market demands by offering bottling technology that is efficient, precise and adaptable to our customers´ changing needs.

Dedication and passion

We are fully aware that behind every bottling machine lie stories of effort, dedication and human passion, and it is this humanity that truly drives our success in the industry.

Corporate social responsibility

Corporate social responsibility is at the core of our business strategy, reflecting our commitment to the well-being of our community. We work to generate a positive impact by creating local employment, supporting educational initiatives, and promoting regional economic development.

We manufacture our machines to endure over time with minimal maintenance.

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