Technicians and specialists Team

We have brought together a highly qualified team of technicians from different backgrounds, as well as marketing and customer attention specialists, in order to provide the best combination of technology and experience, workability and relationships. In short, solutions and personal care.

With more than 25 years of experience as IRUNDIN S.L. and more than 40 years in the bottling industry. IRUNDIN is dedicated to the design, development and manufacture of filling/packaging machinery, being our specialties risers, fillers and cappers, either in individual configuration or forming a set of the type MONOBLOC, TRIBLOC and CUADRIBLOC, in addition to the possible complementary machines of the line . We are specialized in products such as Wine, Spirits, Juices, Water, Oil, Vinegar, pharmaceutical products, etc. The filling capacity (production) of our machines range starts at 1.500 bottles/hour to 50.000 bottles/hour.

The main characteristic of our team is its easy adaptability to our customer’s requirement. This allows us to offer not only a complete service, but also the possibility for each customer to order one or several products that we are able to supply.


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