Capacity*: Up to 12,000 BPH

  • Composed by a 45 spout rinser, oenological filler with 54 filling spouts, 10 head corker, and 8 head Pilfer-Proof capper.
  • High performance bottling machine
  • Cuadribloc with inerting system
  • Packaging with nitrogen supply in the filling process.
  • Leveling, cleaning, sterilization and automatic winding 100%
  • Bench of the machine and chassis in INOX AISI 304.
  • Very robust construction and great reliability;
  • Cleaning and automatic sterilization "C.I.P." (Clean in Place);
  • Lubrication system with easy access, made by INOX pipe and centralized in the general lubrication strip;
  • Tank, pipes and filling spouts in INOX AISI 316.
  • Machine with minimum maintenance.
  • Quick format changes

* Machine capacity depends on the format of the bottles and caps

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