The IRUNDIN bottling machines can be supplied in individual format such as the Rinser/Blower, Filler, Capper and Capsulator or compact groups in its various versions such as MONOBLOCK, TRIBLOCK, CUADRIBLOCK and SINCROBLOCK as well as complete bottling lines. The compact groups can have different configurations according to the customer's need. Our experience and "know how" allows us to design and manufacture machines capable of processing bottles of GLASS, PET, PP, etc., in all sizes and formats of bottles and caps.

Currently all our machines have a built-in "touch screen" with a very intuitive program where you can customize the bottling process to the customer requirement. The level of automotive depends on the requirements of the project, we offer the model "ENOLOGICO" 100% automatic, with leveling, cleaning, sterilization and automatic winding; filling without oxygen supply in the filling process; evacuation of oxygen from the bottle to the atmosphere; nitrogen injection in the filling, total closure of the machine with pressurized air and filtering, remote connection to the machine for diagnosis and verification of equipment, etc. Below we present some projects of manufactured machines in recent years.